We have bunnies!!

After a previous unsuccessful attempt at breeding our rabbits here at Painted Acres, this time we were doubly successful! Two of our female rabbits were successfully breed and have had our first baby bunnies. These kits (baby bunny) are now almost a month old and are doing great!\ We also want to welcome Skylar to Painted Acres! Skylar and her sisters were dumped down the road from the house a while back, and while we found homes for her sisters, we opted to keep Skylar here. She’s learning from the best!

It’s spring time!

And spring time means babies! One of our Bantam’s hid away in the garage away from the rest of the flock and gave us 3 new chicks!

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day everyone! After a few weeks of hard work we finally get to enjoy the expanded pasture for the horses. What once was a large patch of overgrown…